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Our Commercial Dehydrator Systems air flow belt dryers are the most uniform and consistent dehydration systems available today. Ruggedly constructed of durable, sanitary stainless /steel, the Commercial Dehydrator Systems belt dryers are specifically tailored for just one product, yours. Our dryers are energy efficient modular design produces optimum ease in clean ability. Whatever the product, these state of the art dryers provide maximum control of processing parameters.

Fully insulated with Fiberglas insulation and finished in industrial enamel, the Commercial Dehydrator Systems /belt dryers are equipped with CE, UL or ISO  compliant gas trains and systems. Fitted with temperature control, balanced air flow and relative humidity are all individually controlled in each zone. A clean-in-place system for belt cleanliness is also available. The variable speed belt, motor controls, starters and safety alarms are all handled from the control panel, providing additional product drying flexibility.

Belt /dryers provide reduced dwell times, ensuring your product is uniformly and carefully dried.

Energy efficient layout and low labour requirement maximizes investment payback. Sanitary construction and consistent high quality makes our Commercial Dehydrator Systems continuous flow belt/ dryers far ahead of the competition.

Oil/Gas Burner Type

  • ADSW Series

    • ​High capacity and extended drying space
    • Uniform and fast drying by heat blow from sides to sides 
    • Clean dry by applying heat exchanger
    • Low operating cost and emission by high efficiency burner
    • Sepearte chamber for burner & blower with drying chamber
    • Advanced airflow system eanbling hot air to flow horizontally from every sidewall of drying chamber 
  • AD Series

    • ​Hot 



Standard Specification

Model AD-05SW AD-10SW AD-20SW AD-10 AD-20
Overall Dimension (mm)           


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